Digital Teeth Scanner in Artesia

At Dental Spa of Artesia, our team desires to provide high-quality, professional dental care for all our patients, including utilizing the best dental technology available. With a digital teeth scanner, we can examine the condition of your teeth and gums more clearly.

How is a Digital Teeth Scanner Different from Traditional Examination Methods?

The advanced capabilities of the digital teeth scanner offer us a detailed view of small problem areas such as cracks, chips, or worn fillings. This ability means our team can more accurately diagnose and treat dental issues, possibly before they worsen. With full-color computer imaging, patients can view the whole process on a screen in the treatment room. This new technology allows your dentist to communicate issues with your oral health and keep you in the loop on how to maintain good dental hygiene.

If you have any questions or concerns about our digital teeth scanning technology, please contact our dental team. We are happy to explain the process and benefits of this unique technology.