Digital X-rays in Artesia

Advances in dental technology mean safer procedures for patients and more accurate results for dentists. This fact is the case with digital x-rays, which offer dentists a more unobstructed view of your teeth and gums while reducing your exposure to radiation.

The Digital X-ray Difference

Your dentist in Princeton, TX, uses digital radiography to provide you with the latest dental care available. The advantages of using digital x-ray technology include:

  • An estimated 40-90 percent less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays
  • Faster results with images sent immediately to a computer for your dentist to review
  • More straightforward dental diagnosis with a highly-detailed image that quickly enhances for better accuracy.

In the end, digital x-ray technology offers safe and accurate imaging for your dentist to care for your oral health. To learn more about dental technology advantages at Dental Spa of Artesia, contact our office today!