Laser Dentistry in Artesia

Only about 11% of dental practices across the country offer laser treatments, and we are proud to be one of them.

Essential Advancement in Dentistry

As an essential advancement in dental technology, laser dentistry allows your dentist in Princeton, TX, to treat a wide range of dental and cosmetic issues. With the capability to reduce treatment pain and minimize the need for anesthetics, laser dentistry is an optimal choice for patients. By utilizing an invisible energy beam directly on problem areas, your dentist can efficiently treat decayed teeth, enamel, and gums.

Types of Laser Treatments

We offer two types procedures to meet the dental needs of our patients:

  • Soft Tissue Lasers are a suitable alternative for treating issues within your gum tissue rather than traditional hand-held tools.
  • Hard Tissue Lasers are necessary for more advanced procedures such as crown lengthening, frenectomy, and bone contouring. The advantages of this procedure are it causes less bleeding, is gentler on gum tissues, less post-procedure discomfort with faster healing, and more efficient treatment.
  • Diode Lasers are an excellent treatment option for gum disease and gingivitis. Our hygienists are expertly trained in how to use this proven treatment to improve your oral health.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe for Everyone?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of dental lasers for both adults and children. The good news means that dental procedures can become significantly more comfortable for everyone!

To find out more about our laser dentistry options, please do not hesitate to contact our dental team.